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About Us

The File Research Center is a free service provided by SuperAdBlocker.com. This site provides users with an easy to use and accurate method by which to identify applications and files that reside on their computer.

About SuperAdBlocker.com

SuperAdBlocker.com is a next generation company which specializes in ad-blocking technology led by Nick Skrepetos. Skrepetos has been involved in the design and development of innovative computer software since 1983 and has founded and led several highly successful companies including Human Machine Interfaces, Inc., Panicware, Inc. and most recently SuperAdBlocker.com.

SuperAdBlocker.com is a company highly focused on providing the most up-to-date technology to combat new forms of intrusive advertising. Our technology is focused on “blocking tomorrows ads today”.

SuperAdBlocker.com has well over 30 years of combined development, marketing and management experience, so you can be confident that we are a company that produces quality and reliable software today and that we will be here to serve you tomorrow.

SuperAdBlocker.com has a strong commitment to our customer base and we believe in providing a solid product backed by timely, competent and courteous customer support. Our products do not contain any spyware, adware, malware, viruses or any other type of software that can harm your computer.

SuperAdBlocker.com provides free, unlimited technical support for all of our products via e-mail. Typically your question will be answered within a 24 hour period. We offer a 30-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee on our products. All our products feature a free trial period so you can try our products prior to purchasing and purchase with confidence that the product will serve and protect you now and in the future from pop-ups, adware and spyware by its automatic updating technology. Thus you are always up to date.

In June 2011, File Research Center was acquired by Support.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRT). Support.com's North American Personal Technology Experts can provide quick, cost-effective and satisfying technology support over the Internet and the phone using Support.com's advanced technology platform. For more information about Support.com, please visit www.support.com.

Management Team

Nick Skrepetos

Nick Skrepetos, SuperAdBlocker.com's founder, has enjoyed a distinguished career of over 23 years of leading edge software design and development. In 2000, Skrepetos founded Panicware, Inc, and served as its president and head of development and independently created the Pop-Up Stopper product and product line. Nick designed the first toolbar based ad-blocker that is still used in Pop-Up Stopper® Companion marketed by Panicware, Inc. Pop-Up Stopper® is the most frequently downloaded basic pop-up blocker to date with over 20 million downloads worldwide since 2000.

In February of 2004, Nick resigned as President and Chief Technology Officer of Panicware, Inc. while remaining a principal shareholder, and founded SuperAdBlocker.com in order to concentrate on state of the art ad blocking software development and products. Following his departure from Panicware, Inc., all of the members of the existing development team joined him at SuperAdBlocker.com.

Prior to founding Panicware, Inc., Nick was the founder and CEO of Human Machine Interfaces, Inc. which pioneered the first digital mixing sound system (Sound Operating System) that helped revolutionize in-game audio by allowing games to play more than one digital sound at a time. This of course is common place today but was unheard of in 1992. The Sound Operating System was used in more than 500 games, including such hits as Wing Commander III, Links Golf, and Theme Park.

Nick got his start in audio technology at Covox, Inc. a small company that was a pioneer in the voice recognition industry.

In 1988, Nick worked in the highly competitive game industry for Dynamix, Inc. a Eugene, OR start-up company which later became one of the more prominent developers in the computer game industry and was later acquired by Sierra Online. While at Dynamix, Nick co-developed F14-Tomcat, a flight and combat simulator.

As early as 1984 Nick was honing his skills on the Apple IIe and Commodore 64 computers, coding in assembly language which is now a lost art, but at the time it was the only way to accomplish the development of high-performance applications.

Nick has consulted with and provided services for a number of companies including such companies as Intel, S3, Diamond Multimedia, Tektronix, Sierra Online, SOVE, Inc. and Electronic Arts/Westwood Studios.

Don Fowler

Don Fowler is in charge of the low level development team at SuperAdBlocker.com. Don has a long history in software development and of working closely with Skrepetos first at Covox, and subsequently at both HMI and Panicware. Don was a low-level driver engineer for 3DFX Interactive. Following Nick’s departure from Panicware, Don joined the development team at SuperAdBlocker.com.

Don has worked with companies such as Intel, Westwood Studios, Dynamix, Inc., 3DFx Interactive, and STB Systems.

Geoff Bullard

Geoff Bullard is in charge of SuperAdBlocker.com's Spyware Research Center and Customer Service department. After receiving his BS in Computer Science from the University of Oregon, Geoff worked for Timberline Software in Portland, Or and later joined STB Systems which was later purchased by 3DFX Interactive. Geoff then joined Panicware, Inc. as a software engineer. Following Nick's departure from Panicware, Geoff joined the development team at SuperAdBlocker.com.


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