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Vendor Dispute

If you are a software vendor and believe that we have incorrectly listed/classified your software, or software component, please use the following form to provide us detailed information regarding the file/application in dispute. We will review each dispute and provide you our findings via e-mail.

Please understand that we take these disputes very seriously. If you do not fill out the form completely and/or provide false information, we will not review your request.
Vendor Dispute Form
Company/Vendor Name
Company/Software Website
E-Mail Address (Required)
Your e-mail address will NOT be shared with any 3rd party, and ONLY will be used to contact you if we need additional information and to inform you of the listing status of the file.
Description of Software Component
Please provide as much information about the file/application in dispute. Please indicate how your application is distributed and who are your distribution partners
End User License Agreement (EULA)
Please provide your EULA, Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Service agreements so we can see exactly how this is being presented to the user when installing and to what they are agreeing.
Additional Information
Please check all of the following that apply to your application and the components you install on the end users machine.
Uninstall via Control Panel
Browser Helper Object
Browser Toolbar
Explorer Band
Shell Execute Hook
URL Search Hook
Namespace Extension
Layered Service Povider(LSP)
Modify Home Page
Modify Search Page
Windows Service
Context Menu Extension
Modify Hosts File
Installs other Software
Modify Browser Settings
Please note that by submitting this information, you are agreeing to allow FileResearchCenter.com to publish this information on our website for our users to view.

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